The best Gifts for four year olds: Gift Guide

I’ve got the best ideas for gifts for four year olds. I wanted to put a variety of toys, games, and activities that you could gift your four year old this holiday season. Hope this list will help!

Gifts for four year olds

Make sure to check out all my other Gift Guides for kids. I have gift guides for ages one through three years old. I also have one for outdoor toys, stocking stuffers, and bigger items to gift. It can be hard to come up with ideas for the holiday season, so I hope this helps!

Gifts for four year olds

It can be hard to come up with ideas and if you’re stuck this list for gifts for four year olds will help you out. I made sure to include girl and boy toys as well as a variety of toys, games, and activities. I always make sure to add games and activities as well. Mix things up so they don’t just get toys. Hope this list will help you this holiday season!

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Yoto Player

If I could pick my number one favorite gift suggestion for this holiday season it would be the Yoto Player. It’s a screen free audio player. You can read my full review where I talk more about it, show you how it works, and answer all your questions.

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Roo and You Joey Play Couch

We absolutely love the Joey play couch and we use it many different ways. We love to have it as a couch under the bookshelf so they have a place to sit and read. My boys also love using it as a table to play cars or legos on. They love building forts and obstacle courses. We get so much use out of the Joey couch. Highly recommend!

Kid Camera

I will be gifting this to my four year old boys this holiday season. I think they will be excited to start taking their own pictures and documenting life from their point of view. Such a cute idea!

Remote Control Cars

This is a great age to start introducing remote control cars. The ones I linked below have big controllers with big buttons so it’s easier to understand and control.


When I asked my boys what they wanted for Christmas they said transformers and haven’t stopped talking about it since. I got them number one from the picture below. They are going to be so excited!

Hot Wheels Garage

I like to give my kids one big present a year and thought a toy car garage would be fun! I researched so many different ones and these were my top favorite ones. I’m going to get my boys #3 from Kidkraft. They love parking lots and spaces to park cars. I loved the big ramp as well.

Car Maze

Hot Wheels Race Track

I have the racing lane hot wheels track and my boys love it. Even my nephew who is a lot older was having fun trying to find the fastest hot wheels car. It folds up into four different parts and easy to store.

Fort Builder

This is such a fun idea. We have the fort builder that came part of our Lovevery toy subscription box and we use it all the time. The one we have comes with a window for puppet shows. Its so fun!

Gabby Dollhouse (Target) (Walmart)

My boys love the show Gabby the Dollhouse and my mom got this house for them. They love playing with this and could be a really fun gift for kids who love this show. You can see more dollhouse ideas on my three year old gift guide.


If you want to go the cheaper route instead of getting an American girl doll you could do the Generation collection from Target. They have really cute dolls and accessories at an affordable price. See more baby doll ideas on my two year old gift guide.

Lego Marble Run

This is so much fun I even love to play with it. You can use your Duplo Legos to create fun marble tracks. My boys will play with this for hours!

LEGO (Target) (Walmart) (Amazon)

I love legos because they occupy my kids for hours. We have Duplo Lego’s and the boys love that because it’s easy for them to build. My dad got my twins a Lego classic kit to build a car, I thought they were too young to do the lego classic, but they loved it. They will build for hours and hours!


You can never go wrong with play-doh. I find that if I buy a play-doh set my boys will play for hours. We have all of these and I store them in a big bin. I get them out and they will play forever making cakes and cookies with their play-doh. Its so much fun!

Board Games

I think 4 years old is the perfect age to start playing with board games. The reason I love getting board games is because it’s something I can do with them. I find it hard playing cars with my boys, but I can do games and we all have fun together. We have the animal Jenga and Spot It and love those!

Joystar Bikes (Target) (Walmart)

I feel like the holiday season is perfect for gifting a bike. I’ve done lots of research and Joystar bikes are so well made and had really good reviews. They are also so cute and I wish I had one of these bikes as a kid.

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More fun ideas for gifts for four year olds.

Hot Wheels Roller Coaster (Zulily) (Walmart) (Amazon)

This is a fun one for the whole family. You can put it in your backyard or basement for the winter months. So fun for kids! You can see the smaller coaster on my two year old gift guide.

Gifts for four year olds

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Hope this list helped you come up with new ideas. If you have any ideas for gifts for four year olds please comment below!

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Gifts for four year olds

Gifts for four year olds

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