Hi I’m Jenn, but my friends call me Coco (nickname from college).

My husband passed away from Cancer over two years ago. He battled with cancer for 5 years. We really wanted to be parents and didn’t want cancer to take that away from us. I was able to get pregnant through IVF. We put in one embryo and it split and thats how we got identical twin boys. Justin got really sick right before they were born and we weren’t sure he would make it to their birth. We were able to spend a couple months together as a family before he passed away. You can read more about my story HERE.

The boys are 2 years old now! Their names are Marshal and Everett. We just moved to Denver with my parents and they are finishing their basement so the boys and I can live there! I’m so excited!

About My Blog

I started a blog during my husbands cancer journey to update/inform everyone on how he was doing. After he passed away I stopped writing and my friends and family encouraged me to start again. I didn’t want my corner of the internet to just be about cancer or just be about life as a widow. I wanted to create a space I could share my all, but not be defined by my trials.

So it might be a little different than normal blogs. I love sharing motherhood stuff, as well as photography DIYs, but also life as a widow. It’s been such a great place for me! It has helped me get out of bed and brought me joy! I’ve even been able to share other people’s stories and help more people feel less alone in their trials. You can read more of their stories HERE.

I’m now starting to turn my blog into a business so I can be home with the boys! It’s been so wonderful and I have all of you to thank for that! It would also mean the world to me if you subscribed to my blog below!

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Thank you always for the love and support! I truly love the community I have found here!