The best stocking stuffers for toddlers

I put together the ultimate list of stocking stuffers for toddlers. I made sure to include a variety of toys, books, essentials, creative play, and more. Hope this helps you customize the perfect stocking for your toddler this Christmas.

Stocking stuffers for toddlers

It can be overwhelming trying to come up with gift ideas for the Holidays. Make sure to check out my three year old gift guide as well as my ultimate toddler gift guide if you need more ideas. I’m here to help!

Ultimate list of stocking stuffers for toddlers

Here is the ultimate list of stocking stuffers for toddlers. I wanted to make a variety of options so you can customize the perfect stocking for your toddler. Hope this helps make things a little easier this holiday season.

Water Wow books (Amazon) (Target)

These Water Wow books are absolutely brilliant. All you need is water in the pen and your kids can color pictures for hours and there is no mess. My boys absolutely love these! You can find a lot of these in the dollar section at Target.

Mess Free Paw Patrol Color Wonder

Lego Build it Books

Pop Tubes (Amazon)

I bought these tubes for our road trip over the summer and my boys were obsessed. They played with them for the whole road trip. They are so fun and perfect for stocking stuffers for toddlers.

Match box cars (Amazon) (Target)

You can never go wrong with hot wheels cars. I’ll buy a big box and then divide the cars in between my boys.

Wooden Craft Kits

Kids are already getting so many toys for the Holidays so it’s fun to add crafts. I saw these and thought they would be perfect for a stocking stuffer. They can paint and design their own car or train.

Push Pop (Amazon) (Target)

You can never go wrong with fidget toys and these push pop its are the big new popular toy. These are perfect for church, plane, or road trips. I let my boys use these in their bed at night. They are so fun and perfect for stocking stuffers for toddlers.

Christmas Pop it

Bath Toys

These bath toys are perfect for a stocking stuffer ideas. My boys love the bath crayons. A lot of my followers on Instagram suggested bath bombs with little toys inside which would be so fun for a toddler. I also added these really fun bath toys that light up. These are all super fun options for stocking stuffers for toddlers.

Bath crayons (Amazon) (Target)

Bath Bombs

Light Up Bath Toys

Play-doh (Amazon) (Target)

You can never go wrong with play-doh. My boys will probably never get sick of play-doh and are always excited to get new colors. This is an easy and fun idea for a stocking stuffer.

Kinetic sand (Amazon) (Target)

Another great option is this kinetic sand. I use this a lot for my sensory bins and my boys love using their construction trucks to play with the sand. Perfect for winter months when you can’t use the outside sandbox.

Construction spoons (Amazon) (Fat Brain Toys) (Target)

I got these spoons for my boys awhile ago and they love eating with them. If you have picky eaters this would be perfect way to get your kiddos to eat. Such a fun idea for a stocking stuffer.

Water Bottle (Amazon)

These water bottles are so fun and cute for toddlers. I have the Lightening Mcqeen ones for my boys and they love it. Great idea for a stocking stuffer if you are looking for items that are not toys.


Adding a fun toothbrush is a great idea if you want to avoid giving more toys.


This is a fun idea for toddlers. I made sure to find some fun themed ones you can add.

Small Book

Books are a great idea for stocking stuffers, but you want to try and find smaller books. These are all small books you can fit in the stocking.

Yoto Player Cards

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

These books are small enough you could fit it in a sntocking

Small fabric books

Small I Spy Book


Adding a small puzzle is a great and fun idea to add to your toddlers stocking. You can also find puzzles in small tins at the dollar store which would be another great option. I listed some options below as well.

Doodle Board

This cute doodle board is a fun addition to the stocking. My boys love theirs and play with it on road trips and planes.

Magnetic Board

Magnetic boards are another fun option. I use these a lot with my boys on road trips or quiet time.

Sticker Book

Crayons with coloring book

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Hair Bows and Hats

You can add hair bows, ties, or hats in your toddlers stocking.


More Ideas

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