• Twin Baby Shower Gifts Under $50

    I listed my top five baby shower gifts to give to a new twin mama. These gifts are all under $50! Normally finding a baby shower gift is easy, but when you are looking to buy for a twin mom it changes things. As a twin mom there were some things I wanted to buy myself and somethings I wish… Read More

    Twin Baby Shower Gifts Under $50
  • Baby Schedule (First Year)

    This post is all about the baby schedule I used for the twins first year. I adopted the feed, wake, sleep routine from the book Babywise. I wanted to show you an example of the schedule I used and some tips that worked for me. I’ve learned that babies are one big science experiment. Its hard trying to figure out… Read More

    Baby Schedule (First Year)
  • Took the Caravan to Utah

    My life was not perfect, but I was happy. My husband had terminal cancer, but we never let that stop us from living. We lived in a cute townhome in Provo,Utah. I taught 4th grade and Justin was going to school at BYU and working full time. We were surrounded by a lot of friends and family. Even though we… Read More

    Took the Caravan to Utah