• Tips for photographing babies

    This blog post is about my top tips for taking pictures of babies. I learned a lot with all the photos I took of my twins this past year. I hope that these tips will help you! TIP 1: Feed Baby First The first photography tip that can be helpful is feeding the baby right before. I figured out quickly… Read More

    Tips for photographing babies
  • He would have been a great father!

    I know my boys will have many “father figures” in their life, but it won’t be the same. I’m grateful for the men in our lives who will be there to fill that role. I’m grateful they will be able to teach them the things Justin would have taught, but its still hard. Its not what I pictured my life… Read More

    He would have been a great father!
  • My Wedding Day

    This year was my first anniversary without Justin. I think I’ve been dreading this day more than the anniversary of his death. Our wedding day was suppose to be the first day of the rest of our lives. After seven years of going back and forth we were finally together. As hard as it was to look through these photos… Read More

    My Wedding Day