• Lightweight Double Stroller

    I’m excited to share this amazing lightweight double stroller that Contours sent me. I realized as we started traveling more and doing quick errands I needed a different stroller. The one I had was hard to pack up in the car and took up a lot of space. This Contours Bitsy Double Stroller is exactly what I needed and I’m… Read More

    Lightweight Double Stroller
  • Justin’s Funeral

    (Originally posted on my old blog July 13, 2018) The service was so beautiful and I was blown away by how many people came to support us. It meant so much to me and I felt so grateful. I’ve heard so many people say “because of Justin I want to be a better person.”  That was the best gift I could… Read More

    Justin’s Funeral
  • Chemo Care Package

    Justin and I became pro’s at hospital visits. There were a couple times we had to pack up last minute and head to the hospital for emergencies. We got good at knowing what to bring for his hospital stays. Nothing can take away the discomfort of chemo, but if I could bring something to help a little, I was going… Read More

    Chemo Care Package