Things in my kids bathroom that just makes sense

Things in my kids bathroom that just make sense. I wanted to share some things I put in my kids bathroom that have helped me stay more organized and helped my kids be more independent.

I love helping you out and keeping kid things organized. Check out my toy storage bins I use to organize all my kids toys.

Kids Bathroom Must Haves

I’m trying really hard to create a space where my boys can be more independent. I’m a single mom and I’m already covering all the responsibilities of both parent roles. It helps me a lot when my boys can start doing more on their own. I wanted to share some of the things I have in my kids bathroom that just make sense and have made life easier and more organized.

Wire Basket For Toys (Amazon Link)

This has been a game changer for bath time. This is for sure a must have for a kids bathroom. Toys in the bathtub can be so annoying and make such a mess. This wire basket allows the toys to drain the extra water back into the tub. It’s deep so you can fit a lot of toys in it. Its an easy clean up and I make my boys put the toys back before they get out.

Kids bathroom toy storage

I tried suction hooks, but they wouldn’t stay on. I finally got these stick-able tile hooks and they work great! If you want to remove them later you need to use a blow dryer to get them off.

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Hooks for towels (Amazon Link)

When I moved into my new house they had a cheap bar for towels. I took the bar down and installed these black hooks. Hooks are easier for kids to use and hang up their own towels. I put these hooks 44 inches high. This way they could reach the hooks themselves.

Kids bathroom towel hooks

Toilet Paper Holder (Amazon Link)

This toilet paper holder has been amazing and I’m thinking about getting them for every bathroom in my house. I love that there is a spot for wipes or tissues. I also love how easy it is to install the toilet paper. So easy my boys can do it themselves.

Toothpaste Dispenser (Amazon)

This has also been a must have for a kids bathroom. This toothpaste dispenser squirts a normal amount of toothpaste on the tooth brush. So easy for kids to use and it allows them to be more independent and start brushing their teeth on their own. Before I would always apply the toothpaste because my kids would make a big mess if they did it.

Shelf Storage (Amazon Link)

I love having storage next to the bathtub and above the toilet. I use to store their shampoo in the bathtub, but my boys would find it and dump it all out or play with it. I like keeping the bath soap up high and keeping my wash cloths there as well. It’s nice to have extra storage. I also used one of those wire baskets to put extra toilet paper.


A bidet is incredibly helpful with little kids, especially those still learning to wipe, as it provides a gentle and effective way to clean after using the toilet. It promotes better hygiene practices by thoroughly cleansing without the need for excessive wiping, reducing the risk of irritation and discomfort for sensitive skin.

Plus, its user-friendly design makes it easy for children to use independently, fostering confidence and promoting good bathroom habits from a young age. It was the best decision I made for my boys. They were a little nervous at first but with practice they know how to use it on their own.

Slow Close Toilet Seat

I switched to a slow-close toilet seat for my kids to prevent accidental slamming, ensuring their safety and minimizing noise disruptions, especially during nighttime bathroom trips. The gentle, controlled closing also teaches them good habits and reduces wear and tear on the toilet seat, making it a practical and child-friendly upgrade for our home. It was super easy to install.

Tubby Todd Soap

I use Tubby Todd soap for my kids because it’s made with natural, gentle ingredients that are safe and effective for their delicate skin. Its hypoallergenic formula soothes and moisturizes, perfect for keeping their skin healthy and happy. Plus, its subtle yet delightful scents make bath time enjoyable for both kids and parents alike.

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