9 Genius Playroom Organization Hacks You Need to Try Now

Genius Playroom Organization Hacks You Need to Try Now

Discover 7 game-changing playroom organization hacks that’ll transform chaos into calm, making playtime a breeze for both kids and parents. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to streamlined fun!

Why playroom organization is important

Having a tidy playroom isn’t just about appearances—it’s essential for kids to have fun and stay safe! When toys are organized, kids can find what they want easily, making playtime smoother and more enjoyable. Plus, it teaches them responsibility and helps parents keep an eye on things. So, let’s clean up and make room for some serious fun!

Bookshelves to display books

Floating shelves for children’s books are a game-changer when it comes to playroom organization. By utilizing vertical space, they free up valuable floor area for play while keeping books easily accessible and neatly displayed. Plus, they encourage children to independently select and return books to their designated spot, fostering a sense of responsibility and tidiness from an early age. I decided to put their play couch underneath so they can sit and read. I also put a similar bookshelf in my boys bedroom and it turned out so cute. My boys read more when they can see the book.

9 Genius Playroom Organization Hacks You Need to Try Now

Play couch

Use Clear Bins

Using clear bins in a playroom is a smart playroom organization choice because they offer visibility, allowing both kids and parents to quickly locate toys and supplies without rummaging through opaque containers. Additionally, clear bins promote categorization and tidiness as children can easily see where items belong, making cleanup a breeze and encouraging them to take ownership of their space.

Clear Bins

Clear Bins with Lids

Storage Bin for Stuffed Animals

Using decorated storage bins in a playroom adds a touch of fun and personality to the organization process. Not only do they serve a practical purpose by keeping toys and supplies organized, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the playroom. Children are more likely to engage with cleanup when they’re drawn to the playful designs or characters on the bins, making it a win-win for both organization and enjoyment.

9 Genius Playroom Organization Hacks You Need to Try Now

Play Rug

An interactive play rug serves as a multifunctional organization hack for the playroom. Not only does it provide a designated play area, but it also encourages imaginative play and keeps small toys contained within its borders. By delineating play zones and offering built-in entertainment, such as roads for toy cars or interactive elements, it enhances organization while fostering creativity and fun.

Store Games in Zipper pouches

Using zipper pouches for games and toys with lots of pieces is a clever organization hack that prevents pieces from getting lost while also keeping them easily accessible. By storing game components or small toys in labeled pouches, it simplifies cleanup and minimizes clutter. Plus, it’s convenient for on-the-go play or travel, ensuring all pieces stay together and games can be enjoyed wherever the adventure takes you.

9 Genius Playroom Organization Hacks You Need to Try Now

Ikea Activity table

I made this Activity table using the Ikea Trofast storage unit. I love that it works both as a table and storage. We use the wooden train and then store everything for that below in the white bins. I’ve written a full blog post showing how I made this Activity table continue reading below to learn more.

Lego Center Organization

Implementing a LEGO organization system is a brilliant playroom hack that brings order to the chaos of building blocks. By sorting LEGO pieces by color, size, or type and storing them in labeled bins or drawers, it streamlines the construction process and makes cleanup a breeze. This system not only saves time searching for specific pieces but also encourages creativity as children can easily access the bricks they need to bring their imaginative creations to life. Continue reading below to see the full blog post where I share how I organize my kids legos.

Toy Closet Rotation

Toy closet rotation is a savvy playroom organization hack that keeps the space fresh and clutter-free. By periodically rotating toys in and out of storage, children stay engaged with a constantly changing selection, sparking their creativity and interest. This approach also helps parents manage toy overload, ensuring that only a manageable amount of toys is accessible at any given time while the rest remain neatly stored away. Continue reading my full blog post below to see what I put in my toy closet and how I organize it.

Hang Kids Artwork

Hanging kids’ artwork in the playroom is a creative organization hack that adds a personal touch to the space while also reducing clutter. By displaying their masterpieces on a dedicated art wall or gallery, it provides a designated area to showcase their creativity. Plus, it frees up valuable surface space and encourages children to continue creating without their artwork getting lost or buried among other items. See my full blog post below to see how I made this cheap and easy artwork display.

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