The best Lego organization system

If you are looking for the best lego organization system I’ve got your back. I’m just getting into the Lego world with my boys and finally came up with the best solution to keep things organized and have fun!

I love organizing check out how I organize my kids toys in the entertainment system in our living room.

Lego Organization: Why you should organize your Legos

Lego organization can bring several benefits. Firstly, it can save you time and frustration when searching for a particular piece. By categorizing your Legos according to their size, color, or function, you can easily find the pieces you need for your next building project. Secondly, organizing your Legos can improve your creativity and help you to build more complex structures. When your Legos are organized, you have a better understanding of the pieces you have available, and you can more easily envision how they can be used in different combinations.

Finally, Lego organization can keep them in good condition and prevent loss or damage. By taking care of your Legos and storing them properly, you can ensure that they remain a valuable and enjoyable toy for years to come.

Why you should organize by color

Organizing your Legos by color can be a useful strategy when building structures or searching for a specific pieces. By separating your Legos into groups based on their color, you can quickly locate the pieces you need for a particular project. Additionally, organizing your Legos by color can help you to create visually striking and aesthetically pleasing designs.

When your Legos are arranged by color, you can easily create patterns, gradients, and other color combinations that add interest and depth to your builds. Finally, organizing your Legos by color can be a fun and engaging activity in and of itself. Sorting Legos by color can be a relaxing and meditative task that helps to improve focus and concentration. Overall, organizing your Legos by color can be a practical, artistic, and enjoyable approach to building with these classic toys.

How to organize your Legos by color

I’m a huge believer in clear bins for any play area. What your kids see is what they will use. I love these clear bins from the container store. I made sure to get the large shoe box size so if you need to add more legos down the road or look for legos you have room to search in the bin.

More fun Lego Organizers

How to Organize Lego Sets

I love using the zipper pouches to keep lego sets together so your kids can play with them again. Cut the picture from the box and tape it to the front of the zipper bag. Then you can add the zipper pouch to your bin or shelf. Using Zipper pouches allow you to fit more sets in a space.

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The best Lego organization system

Link to Bins and Zipper Pouches

The best products for lego organization!

Link to Shelf

What to do if you lost your instruction manual

Did you know you can use the Lego Builder App to get instruction manuals to almost any Lego set. You can use the app in team mode where you can assign different pages so everyone gets a turn. You can see the model in 3D and get a PDF manual of the instructions.

Shop some of our favorite Lego City Sets

Here are some of my boys favorite Lego City Sets. They love putting together the different vehicles. You can find links to the sets below the picture.

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Lego Artwork

The lego artwork is all from Etsy. The “You are the special” poster was originally bought on Etsy, but it is no longer available. I did buy the Lego Jeep and the Lego blue car posters on Etsy and they are still available. I love buying artwork on Etsy and then printing them at Walmart or Fedex Print. I get all my frames from Ikea or Target.

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The best Lego organization system

How I organize my toy closet

Discover the secrets to stress-free parenting with my guide on toy closet organization. From practical tips for decluttering to creative storage solutions, learn how to create an organized and joyful play area for your kids. Explore my advice on categorizing, labeling, and maintaining a tidy space, making toy time a breeze for both parents and children. Transform chaos into order with our essential tips for organizing kid toys – because a well-organized play area is a game-changer for the whole family!

Lego Mini-figure Display

Learn how to make this Lego minifigure display to store your Lego minifigures. See my steps below to see how you can make this yourself.

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    1. My mom got it on Etsy years ago and printed it herself. I have tried to find it again because so many people ask, but have had no luck. Its so cute

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