How to build an Ikea trofast activity table

How to use the Ikea Trofast toy storage units to build an activity table. I use one side for legos and the other side for their wooden train set. It can also be used as a coffee table or an activity table. Perfect for any playroom! I’ll show you how I put it together!

ikea trofast activity table hack

Check out my old playroom which was a hidden crawlspace!

Ikea Trofast Toy Storage Units

To build the Ikea Trofast activity table all you need is two of these Trofast toy storage units. I bought two and pushed them up against each other to build one big table. You can find the link to the Ikea Trofast table below the picture.


Other Trofast storage unit arrangements

Ikea has multiple different Trofast that come with different arrangements and colors. I included some pictures of some of the different Ikea Trofast below.

My Lego Organization

If you are looking for the best lego organization system I’ve got your back. I’m just getting into the Lego world with my boys and finally came up with the best solution to keep things organized and have fun!

Bins for Ikea Trofast

The ikea trofast has multiple options for storage bins. They have three different sizes and different colors. It depends on what you need for your toys. You can see the different sizes and colors below. Links to the bins below the picture.

YouTube video

As you can see I decided to make one side for their wooden trains and the other side for their legos. If you are not sure what size of bins to get, it really depends on what toys you want to store. I loved the bigger bins for the wooden tracks and the Duplo legos. I used the smaller bins for the smaller pieces so it was easier to find things.

I love the idea of having storage under the table. It keeps everything organized and easy for my kids to clean up. Everything has a spot which helps kids!

How to make the activity table

The Ikea trofast is really simple to build. You have to first build the two ikea trofast units. The next thing you have to do is just push them up against each other. You can use a metal connector to screw them together on the inside or just leave them as is. I have carpet and the trofast is heavy so I knew it wouldn’t slide away from the other trofast.

Connect them with hardware

You can use the utrusta connection hardware to connect them on the inside. I would do one on each side. This is totally optional and not necessary if you do not want to do it.

Link to toys in my Trofast table

Here are the toys that I had in my Trofast table. You can find the link to the toy below the picture. I loved having one side of my activity table legos and the other side the wooden train set.

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Lego marble run

Duplo lego set

Link to legos

Wooden train set

Link to train set


ikea trofast activity table

My favorite kid toy storage bins

If you are looking to organize your toy room these are the best toy storage bins out there! I love organizing and I’ve tried a lot of different bins over the years and these clear bins from the container store are by far the best!

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