The best toys for learning numbers

It’s never too early to start learning numbers and teaching your child how to count. I put together a list of the 7 best toys for learning numbers and counting.

learning numbers toys

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Why hands on learning is important

As some of you know I was an elementary school teacher for three years and graduated in Elementary Education. One thing I learned during school was the importance of teaching in all the different learning styles. Some kids learn best with auditory, some visually and others kinesthetically (hands on). Toys can be a great way for kids to learn kinesthetically and its important for kids to learn in all different ways. Hands on learning can be fun and engaging!

Learning toys are a delightful and engaging way for children to explore the world around them. These toys combine education and entertainment, making the learning process enjoyable and exciting. By providing interactive experiences, they capture children’s attention and foster curiosity, allowing them to develop essential skills while having fun.

Whether it’s building blocks that enhance spatial awareness, puzzles that stimulate problem-solving abilities, or science kits that spark scientific inquiry, learning toys offer hands-on experiences that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and social interaction. As children play with these toys, they gain knowledge, develop cognitive and motor skills, and build self-confidence. Learning toys create an environment where learning becomes an adventure, fostering a lifelong love of discovery in young minds.

Learning Numbers Toys

The toys I’ve listed below can be very helpful with learning numbers and allow your child to learn hands on. You can let them play on their own for awhile so they can start to become familiar with the numbers. Once they know their numbers, test them by asking questions or playing games. Some of the toys are for learning the numbers and some toys start to help your child learn to count.

Cookie Monster Number Book

Count and Learn Cookie Jar

A teacher friend of my gave me this cookie counting jar and the boys love it. It has sound and lets you know what number you put in each time. Once your child knows their numbers well the cookie jar will ask for a specific number and they have to find it and put it in.

Toys for learning numbers

Shapes and Counting Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to learn numbers and help with that hands on learning. I found two different options for learning numbers through puzzles.

Option 1:

I liked this because not only do they learn their numbers, but they can learn their shapes and colors as well. I like how they can practice counting by putting the shapes on the poll in front of the number. You can get many different uses out of this toy.

Option 2

This puzzle toy is a littler different than option one but they both provide the same learning. If you like the option of putting the shapes in their own puzzle slot than you can buy this one.

Lego Number Train

This is great toy for first learning numbers. Let them play with the train at first and then you can start sitting down with them and learning. You can practice by asking them to pick up a number you say aloud. You can also practice putting the numbers in order.

Sorting Cars in Garages

Peekaboo Learning Farm

Number Flower Pot

Matching Eggs

Number Robots

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