Goodbye Minneapolis

My parents officially closed on their house in Minneapolis and have moved out! The boys and I left in June so that my mom could get the house ready to sell. We spent the rest of the summer up at our cabin in Estes park. We moved into our new house this week, but thought it would be fun to show pictures of our old house.

House in Minneapolis

After Justin passed away I knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of the boys on my own. I packed up my house in Provo, Utah and moved to Minneapolis to live with my parents. My parents had been living there for the past five years so I had visited before and was kinda familiar with the place.

You can read more about my story HERE

It was really hard to leave Utah were Justin and I had lived for the past six years. I came to Minneapolis broken and I wasn’t sure how I could ever live happily again. It was extremely hard to start over in a new place without him.

I slowly started to make friends in Minneapolis and everyone there embraced the boys and I. I joined a choir and played on a volleyball team. I found an amazing therapist who helped me through some tough times. I was able to spend more time with my sister. Things slowly started to feel more comfortable and I started to live life again.

Choir was such a great outlet for me and I enjoyed getting out of the house once a week to do something fun just for myself. I’ll miss choir and all my friends so much!


I’m also going to miss the Mall of America! That place is so much fun and we went almost every week. It especially fun during the cold winter months! I’ll for sure miss our weekly visits there!

You can watch a “Day in the Life” video where we went to the mall! Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as well!

YouTube video

I’m also going to miss all the big Lakes and bike trails! It was so easy to load the kids on the bike and connect to all the different trails right by our house! I will miss those bike rides a lot!

One thing I will not miss is the extremely cold winters! haha I’m used to snow, but this was a whole other level of cold. I was there during the polar vortex which was insane! I was outside for no longer than 10 minutes to take this picture and I thought my fingers were going to fall off! haha

Survived the polar vortex winter!

We will mostly miss spending time with my sister and her hubby. The boys loved going to their farm house and seeing all the animals. It was always such a blast!

I was extremely grateful to my parents for letting me stay with them. My mom gladly replaced her nice furniture with baby swings and high chairs. They were so willing to accommodate and be there for me. I am so blessed to have them in my life!

My mom was so awesome and even let me paint on the walls in the nursery and decorate it how I wanted. I loved how it turned out and I’ll miss that for sure. You can see more pictures of the nursery HERE.

We are moving to Denver, Colorado because my dad got a job. I’m still not ready to live on my own and decided to move with my parents to Denver. I grew up in northern Colorado so I was excited to go back and live there again. It also gave us a chance to find a house with a basement apartment so I can have my own place with the boys. It really felt like it was all meant to be and perfect timing.

Minneapolis will be known as the city that help me start to rebuild when I was broken. It was where I needed to be! I loved the City and will miss it a lot!

I thought now that my parents have officially moved out of their Minneapolis house it would be fun to show pictures. My mom always does such a good job decorating her homes and its always fun to see the professional pictures afterwards!

It worked well for the time we were there, but now that the boys are getting older and running around it will be nice to have more space. I loved all the natural light in that house. I’ll for sure miss the black and white stairs for all my photo ops. haha Which room did you like the most?

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