Adorable Outdoor Themed Twin Nursery Room Tour

I had so much fun putting together the twins Nursery. I wanted to include my late husband in the room decor as well so my boys can remember him. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Twin Nursery design and decor

The Nursery Backstory

There are so many exciting things that come with a new baby. I would say decorating a nursery is one of them. I am not good at home decor, but I was excited to put together the boys nursery. I had started putting it together right before Justin went into the hospital. After that, the nursery was the last thing on my mind. We were living at my aunts house when the twins came home from the hospital and we didn’t have a room for them.

After Justin passed I moved in with my parents. That was the first time I was able to think about a nursery. Everything had been out of the ordinary since the babies were born. Nothing had been normal and thats all I wanted. I didn’t think I was going to get a chance to put together a nursery, so this was very special for me.

My mom is amazing and said I could do whatever I wanted. My husband loved the outdoors so I thought it would be special to do an outdoor nursery theme. It was a simple way to keep him with us and teach my boys more about him and what he loved.


Wall Decor

One section of the nursery I decided to do a picture wall. I found some pictures of Justin hiking and framed them. It’s important to me to incorporate him in their every day lives.

Mountain theme nursery

I got the fox and the bear poster on Etsy. I printed them at Costco and found the frames from Hobby Lobby. The rest of the frames and wall decor are from Hobby Lobby as well.

Twin Nursery mountain theme

As the twins get older we will be able to point out the pictures and talk about their dad and what he loved to do. Its such a special wall in their room now!

Mountain Wall

I had seen these mountains on pinterest many times before. I had been wanting to do it in the nursery when I first found out we were having boys. After I moved to my moms house I was so exhausted and had no energy to paint the nursery. My friend was in town and suggest we just do it. She took charge and helped me paint the mountains. I’m so grateful because I don’t think I could have done it on my own.

Nursery mountain wall design

We used painters tape to figure out the shape of the mountains. Once we liked the shape of the mountains we painted in the mountains and used two different colors. I loved how they turned out.

The cribs are from Ikea


My mom already had this cabinet in the room and I turned it into a closet. I used these bins from the container store for their clothing.


My mom already had this rug in the room before we moved in. It actually fit so perfect with the design of the nursery! This rug is from Crate and Kids and you can buy it HERE.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! I’m so happy to have a space where we can always be reminded of Justin. I love how everything turned out! What was your favorite part of the nursery?


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  1. The nursery looks so beautiful! Funny we also loved the mountains and wanted them in our twin boys room but thought it was a wallpaper and looked everywhere but couldnt find it. What a clever idea to paint them! Do you have any pictures of the process?

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