The best Toddler swimming essentials for summer

I put together a list of all the toddler swimming essentials you will need for this summer! I’m getting super excited for warmer weather and now is about the time to start buying stuff! Check out my favorite summer essentials below.

Toddler swimming essentials for the summer

Toddler Swimming Essentials

Here is a list of all the toddler swimming essentials you will want for this summer! I realized last summer that you have to buy most of this stuff in the Spring because by summer most of it will be out of stock. I thought it would be helpful to post this now and help you get a jump start on prepping for the summer. I can’t wait for the warmer weather and to spend most of our days in swimsuits and sun!


The most important toddler swimming essentials is a swimsuit. Here are some adorable swimsuits for your toddlers this summer. I love rash guards because it’s just less skin you have to rub sunscreen all over. I always try and get the long sleeve ones to protect more of their arm. Here are some really cute swimsuits I found and wanted to share. I bought the “ride the tide” rash guard set for our recent trip to Texas and they were so cute! You can see all the links to the items below.

Boys Swimsuits

  1. Van swimsuit set // 2. Gray Swimsuit Set // 3. Shark rash guard // 4. Tiger Swimsuit set // 5. Shark Swim trunks // 6. Stripped swim trunks

H&M Swim 2022

Girls Swimsuits

  1. Striped rash guard set // 2. Flower long sleeve rash guard // 3. Long sleeve rainbow swimsuit // 4. Navy rash guard set // 5. Flamingo rash guard set

H&M Swim 2022

Toddler Life Jackets

These are the best life jackets for toddlers first learning how to swim. I bought the crab one last summer and my boys did great, but the dinosaur one has shoulder straps which makes it hard for them to pull the sleeve part off. I used both on our last trip to Texas and they both worked great!

Dinosaur Life Jacket

Crab Life Jacket

Summer Sandals

Shoes are another toddler summer essential. Last year I bought the boys the slip on vegan slipper (#5 below) from Nordstrom and they were amazing. They were the only shoes I bought for them that summer. They could use them for water or other outdoor activities. I also got them the gray sandals (#1 below) for our recent trip to Texas and they worked just as well. I liked how they had a strap in the back to keep the shoes from falling off. I included a lot of different options below for some awesome summer sandals.

Toddler swimming essentials for the summer
  1. Gray strap sandals // 2. Toddler Jese EVA Apparel Water Shoes // 3. Afton Sandals // 4. Ash Sandals // 5.Slip-On Vegan Sneaker // 6. Native Shoes


Sunscreen is so important to protect our kids skin from the sun, but I didn’t know until recently that some sunscreens have harmful ingredients. I follow @just.ingredients on instagram and she has taught me so much about what is safe and what is harmful ingredients in the things we eat or use on our body. I highly recommend following her! She mentions in her sunscreen post to avoid oxybenzone, octonoxate, rentinal palmaitate, and parabens,phthalates. These were two brands she recommended and said were safe for for our kids to use!


I love buying the stick sunscreen for applying sunscreen to their face.

1.Thinkbaby cream // 2. Thinksport for kids stick // 3. Thinkbaby stick

All Good

  1. All Good kids sunscreen spray // 2. All Good Kids sunscreen cream // 3. All Good Kids sunscreen butter stick

Easy Sunscreen Applicator

Waterproof bag

I love using a waterproof swim bag to put the boys wet swimsuit in at then end of the pool day. Its waterproof so you can even put your phone in or other items you bring to the pool. I use these bags for everything!

Swim Tote Bag

My favorite swim bag for summer! I love that it stays upright and I can wash it down with a hose when it gets dirty. You can fit a ton of stuff and its just so cute!

Beach bag


If your kids will wear sunglasses these ones are so good for kids. You can twist and bend them and they won’t break! Only one of my boys would wear them, but if they do, these are so good for kids! I also founds some similar sunglasses and linked them below.

  1. Purple and Blue Sunglasses // 2. Black sunglasses // 3. Pink sunglasses

Hope this helps you get a jump start on summer swimming essentials for your toddler! I can’t wait for summer!


If you want to see some of my other favorite things for toddlers check out my blog post where I list some of my favorite stores to shop at for my boys.

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