The Best Pom Pom Jar Reward System

This Pom Pom Jar Reward system has been such a huge help getting my kids to do chores around the house. I created my own reward chart you can print and use at home. Hope this helps!

Pom Pom Jar for reward system at home

Pom Pom Jar Reward System Explained

Watch my youtube video to see how I do my reward system at home with my toddlers. The pom pom jar with the charts will be a game changer. Continue reading to get a link to the pom pom charts you can print off and use at home.

YouTube video

Purchase Charts

You can purchase these reward charts here. I printed them off and hung them on my fridge. You can hang them up where ever your child will be able to see it. I have one chart that shows them how many pom poms they need to get a certain reward. The other chart is showing them what they can do to earn a pom pom. I also included a blank reward chart so you can decide what rewards you want to do at home.

Where to get the Jar and Pom Pom’s

You can easily find a pom pom jar at the dollar store. Its just a glass mason jar that I label and let my kids decorate with stickers. I also got the pom pom’s at the dollar store as well. Just make it easy and cheap.

1. Pom pom’s // 2. Jars

Reward Toy Ideas

Positive Reinforcement

I graduated in Elementary Education and took multiple classes on behavior management. The number one thing I remember is how powerful and important positive reinforcement is. Praise is more effective than punishment. It’s better to bring attention to a positive behavior than a negative. A child reacts to what the adult brings attention to whether that is positive behavior or negative. The child will be likely to repeat that behavior in the future.

So when you’re home with your child during the day try and focus on the positive behaviors. In my classroom I could see one student behaving badly. Instead of pointing out the bad behavior in that student I found another student who was doing the behavior correctly and instead pointed that out and praised them. By praising that student the other student who was behaving badly quickly corrected their behavior. This can also work if you have multiple children at home.

Chore Chart

I also bought these chore charts for my kids to do in the morning. I was having a hard time getting them ready for school and this has helped a ton. Every green check mark they earn they get a pom pom. I also love that they can physically move the button when they complete a chore.

YouTube video

Link to Chore Chart

Link to label maker

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