The Best Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers Over $50

holiday gift guide for toddlers

I created a list of the best holiday gift guide for toddlers over $50. For Christmas I like to buy a few smaller items for my boys and then spend a little more money on one big item. Usually I have them share the big item or if it’s something like a scooter I give them each their own. This is a great list for those bigger gifts you want to give!

If you want to see some of my favorite toddler toys that are smaller you can check out that blog post HERE.

Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

Play Kitchen

The first item for your holiday gift guide for toddler is a Play Kitchen. I love play kitchens and think they are so cute and fun to have in a playroom. The boys love playing with their play kitchen. There were so many cute ones, but these were my top three favorites when I was looking.

Play Kitchen Option 1: Gray and gold play kitchen from Teamson kids. This is the one we have and I love it! Its two separate pieces and the fridge comes with ice to get from the fridge. Its a good size if you have a smaller space. This was my favorite and it was at an affordable price! So happy I picked this one!

I also did a lot of research on playfood and this option was my favorite!

Play Kitchen Option 2: White and gold play kitchen from Teamson Kids. This is another really cute option for a play kitchen. This was another one I wanted, but i’ll be in a small basement apartment and couldn’t have a big kitchen taking up a lot of space.

Play Kitchen Option 3: This play kitchen is from Pottery Barn and a little more on the expensive side. This was another one of my favorites while I was looking. Its just too darn cute not to share!

Ride on car

The second item for your holiday gift guide for toddlers is ride on cars. These are always so fun and now that they come with remotes you can get them even sooner for your kids.

Toy Jeep: We got these jeeps for the boys this summer and it was one of the best purchases. The jeeps came with a remote control so I could drive them around. This is a great option when they are younger and don’t know how to drive themselves. I like this because you get more use out of the ride on car when it comes with a remote.

Pink Ride On Mercedes Benz This was on the Amazon top seller list for ride on cars and it comes in a lot of different colors. This also comes with a remote you can use.

The Nugget

Another great option on your holiday gift guide list is the Nugget. I do not have one of these, but its been on my list of things to get for the boys someday. Every time I ask my followers their favorite item for toddlers they always mention the Nugget kids couch. You can arrange it any way you want, make forts, bed, couch, etc.

Train Table

The train table is for sure on my holiday gift guide this year. I have been wanting to get one for the boys. I’ve been looking at a lot and these are my top three favorite options for a train table. I listed all the options below.

Train Table Option 1:

Train Table Option 2: This one is so cute, but is more on the expensive side. They only sell the table and the train set and boxes underneath are sold separately. I do like that you can buy bigger table legs later on as your kids grow. You can do a lot of different things with this train table. You can get many different uses out of this table.

Train Table Option 3: This train table is from Teamson kids. The train set is included. This is a smaller table which is why I’ve been thinking about getting it. I just don’t have a lot of space in my apartment so this might be a perfect size if you have a smaller space.


If you follow me on Instagram you always see the boys jumping on our mini trampolines and it saves us during the winter months. My boys absolutely love jumping! I do not have this specific one, but its very similar with the bar that comes over the top so the kids can hold on while they jump. It really is such a great option to have around when kids need to get those wriggles out!

Strider Bike

This is one of the most popular balance bikes that helps kids transition to riding a bike. My sister used this one for all her kids and said it works so well! You can start as young as 18 months, but I think I will give the boys these bikes for their third birthday.


The boys got scooters last year for Christmas. The ones we got came with a bench they could sit on and then you take them off when they get older. I’ve seen kids who are 18 months old use scooters. They are so fun for kids!

Micro Kickboard scooter

Smart Trike Scooter These are the scooters the boys have and it was nice it came with a bench they could sit on first and then transition to standing.


Radio Flyer 4-1 Trike: The boys love riding in this and I would have used it more if I had two of them. It was great cuz we could start using it when they were 15 months old and it slowly transitions into a tricycle. You for sure get your moneys worth out of this 4-1 trike.

Bounce House

I have only heard amazing things about this bounce house from Amazon. My sister had one in her basement and my boys loved it. Even though they couldn’t walk at the time they still crawled and slid down the slide. This is also great to have during the cold winter months when you need something for the kids to do indoors!

Junior Bounce House

Hope this holiday gift guide for toddlers was helpful! If you think there are more gifts that I should add to this post comment below!

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