The best do it yourself Disney Cars birthday decorations

I did all the Disney Cars birthday decorations by myself to save money. My boys love the Pixar movie Cars and I wanted them to have the look of professional party without spending all the money. See all my tips on how I put this fun Cars party together.

Pixar Disney Cars birthday decorations

Disney Cars Birthday Decorations

The Disney Cars birthday decorations turned out better than I imagined. When I first decided to do this theme there was a lot of ideas and options out there for a DIY cars birthday party. I picked the most simple and easy out of all of the ideas and put it together for my boys party. The idea is to get the professional look and save money.

Table Backdrop

The first Disney Cars birthday decorations is the backdrop. This Cars backdrop to the food table turned out so amazing. All you need is a fun backdrop to really make the party decorations pop and look fun. I did a Pixar Cars three year old photoshoot also for their birthday and just reused everything for the party backdrop. I think its worth it to own this backdrop stand so you can easily hang the backdrop and attach the balloons. I linked everything I used for the backdrop below the picture.

The backdrop stand is actually for photography, but might be worth it to own for your kids parties every year. The red backdrop was cheap and easy to put up. You do have to iron the wrinkles out before hanging it up, so make time for that before the party.

The balloon garland kit was the best investment and I will do this every year now for parties. I made the ballon garland the night before to save time for the day of party. I would totally recommend investing in the balloon pump, it’s well worth the money and saved so much time making my balloon garland. It is just an electric pump so you will have to take your number three balloon into a place to fill it with helium.

Food table decorations

The food is one of the best parts of the Disney Cars birthday decorations. The way the food and labels are placed on the table can add to the decorations making the party look more fun! Make sure to check out my blog post where I specifically talk about the food I had at the party and the free printable labels you can use as well.

Pixar Cars Birthday Food Idea

The first and most important part of the food table is the table cloth. I love that this table cloth went all the way to the floor. It just makes the table look more professional and fun. I found the blow up tires which is way easier to use than real ones.

I made the Lightning McQueen poster myself and you see how I did that over on my Pixar Cars three year old birthday photoshoot blog post. (coming soon subscribe to my blog) If you don’t want to take the time and make one your own, you can buy one already made, but it will be more expensive. I also made my own food labels for all the food that you can print off over on my Cars birthday food blog post. (coming soon)

Seating table decorations

The seating tables also add to the party decorations and make it more fun and magical. See links to all the products below.

Kids Table

For the kids table I used a smaller fold up table with a plastic black table cloth. I got their table clothes from the dollar store and I wish I got a nicer one. The tape was hard to put on and ripped easily. The boys loved sitting at this table because they could eat and drive their toy cars at the same time. Such a cute way to add to the Cars theme, but also make it fun. Links to products below picture.

Party entryway

The last decorations I had for the party was this fun road entryway. I bought it on Amazon and it came with tape so you can easily stick it to the ground. We ended up spending half the night getting the tape off the wood floor. You could ether not tape it or use painters tape instead to stick it to the ground. It was fun for everyone to walk down the road when they entered the party!

Pixar Cars Toys

My boys already had a ton of Pixar Car toys laying around so I used them to decorate the tables. It’s an easy way to add to the decorations. I linked some of their favorite toys below.


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