10 of the best Korean drama shows

I listed my top ten favorite Korean drama shows below. My cousin introduced me to Korean dramas during quarantine and I was hooked. Once you give them a try you will never go back.

top 10 favorite korean dramas of all time

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My Top 10 Korean Drama Shows

As soon as I started my first Korean drama there was no going back. I was hooked! They are similar to Hallmark movies where you have that cheesy love story, but ten times better. I love the detail that goes into the storyline and the relationship of the two main characters. They take time telling the story and you appreciate it so much more. Every now and then its fun to watch a show where you know things will go your way and there will be a happily ever after. Most of their Rom coms are just that and I’m here for it!

Some of the Netflix shows will allow you to listen in English, but I highly recommend you watch in Korean and read the english subtitles. I like being forced to read subtitles because it makes me focus on one thing. Most of the time while watching a show i’m on my phone or cleaning. Reading subtitles forces me to really check out and zone into a new world. Whenever I need to escape from life, a Korean drama is just what I love to do.

You will see that I refer to the Viki app to watch some of the shows. This is an app with pretty much every Korean show ever made. They have some shows you can watch for free and then some shows with the paid subscription.

1. Crash Landing On you (Netflix)

This is my top favorite Korean drama of all time. This is always the first Korean Drama I suggest someone to watch when they are first starting their Korean drama journey. Once they watch this they will crave more shows like it. Don’t worry though because I have nine of my other favorites listed below that you can watch after this one.


The main women character made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident. A North Korean special officer finds her and helps her try to get back to South Korea.

YouTube video

2. Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim

This is my second favorite Korean drama of all time. Its so cute and I always suggest this one as well. You can watch this on Hulu or the Viki app.


The main women character works as an assistant to a powerful young CEO. He is self absorbed and has her do everything for him. She realizes she wants more to life than being assistant and puts in her two week notice to quit. As she is helping him find a new assistant he is trying everything to get her to stay. As he tries to get her to stay he soon realizes he has feelings for her.

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3. Oh My Venus

You can watch this Korean Drama on Hulu or the Viki App.


The main girl was dumped by her boyfriend because she had gained weight. She ended up meeting a famous personal trainer and they start to fall in love as he helps her lose weight. She gets back at her dumb ex boyfriend and its really fun to watch.

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4. Oh My Ghost

This show is so funny and I laughed the whole time. There was an added storyline that I wasn’t expecting that made the show even more interesting to watch. Such a good show! You can watch on the Viki app.


The main women character works at a famous restaurant as an assistant. She is very shy and timid. She has the ability to see spirits and becomes possessed by a virgin ghost who refuses to pass on to the after life as a virgin. The shy girl wants to become a chef so the ghost and her work together to help get what they both want.

5. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

You can watch this show on Hulu or the Viki app


The main women character has super strength power. She gets hired as the bodyguard to this young CEO game developer. They work together to help solve a kidnapping case. They of course start to have feelings for one another as they work together.

YouTube video

6. Descendants of the Sun

This is a good show to watch after watching Crash landing on you. You can watch this on Hulu or the Viki app.


This is about a south Korean solider and a nurse who end up on the same military base. As they work together and go through scary things they start to fall in love.

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7. Her Private Life (Netflix)


The main women character works at an art gallery. She is a major fan girl of a k pop band and has her own secret fan girl website that she hides form her boss and coworkers. Her new boss wants to know what she is hiding. They start to fall in love as they work together.

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8. The King Eternal Monarch (Netflix)


A modern-day Korean emperor passes through a mysterious portal and into a parallel world, where he encounters a feisty police detective. They are both from two different worlds, but start to fall in love.

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9. Itaweon Class (Netflix)


This drama is about a group of social outcast who come together to take down an exploitative business. The main character learns business and opens his own restaurant to work his way up to get revenge on the person who ruined his life.

YouTube video

10. Hyde, Jekyll, Me

You can watch this show on the Viki app.


Hyde, Jekyll, Me is about a man who has a split personality. He meets a girl and she starts to fall in love with one of his personalities.

Let me know in the comments below what other shows you would add to this list. If you have see some of these, which one is your favorite?


  1. 1Hometown cha cha cha is absolut very good.
    2Well-intended love.
    3Something in the Rain (it’s with her from crash landning…)
    4 It’s okay to not be okay

  2. I started watching Crash Landing on You this week. I am hooked! Thanks for the recommendations! I hope to try some of the other ones on the list once I finish.

  3. Crash Landing on You and Descendants of the Sun are my top 2 favs!!!

    Hyung Bin and Son Ye Jin got married last week in real life!

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