10 of my best Tik Tok videos of 2021

I thought it would be fun to put together my best Tik Tok videos of 2021. Most of my followers are on either Instagram or my blog and don’t have Tik Tok so I thought it would be fun to show them here. I love creating videos and waiting to see everyone’s reaction on how they liked it. It brings me so much joy!

My best tik tok of 2021

I am also so happy that Tik Tok came out during quarantine! It was the perfect solution to get my mind off of things and I had so much fun making tons of videos! You can see my best Tik Tok videos of 2020 HERE.

My best Tik Tok videos of 2021

I was recently talking to one of my best friends from High School and she reminded me of all the fun videos I made of us in High School. I forgot that even then I loved putting together fun videos and showing people. I love creating and making memories.

1. The odds of your Toddler Killing You Trend

I saw this trend going around on Tik Tok and new I had to do it with the boys. This one turned out so funny and I laugh so hard when I watch it. This is Marshal by the way.


#fyp #toddlers #toddlersoftiktok 🤣laughing so hard hope this goes viral!

♬ original sound – ali

2. Naming Disney Characters

I’m a huge Disney fan so of course my kids know the names of all the Disney characters. I thought it would be cute to film them naming all the different ones. Their voices are too cute and wanted this sweet video to remember what their voices sounded like at this age.

3. What did you eat?

I was cleaning their room one morning when I walked out to see that Everett’s mouth was blue. They had been playing with play-dough so I knew what it was, but still had to get him to tell me. His response was so cute i’m glad I filmed it.

4. What color the twins eyes are

I thought this would be such a fun video to do since Justin and I both have different eye colors. Justin would always tell me that he hoped our kids would get my brown eyes. He loved my brown eyes. I always loved his blue eyes and hoped our kids would get his blue eyes. So happy they go his bright blue eyes.

This video was my most viral video on Tik Tok getting 11.3 million views. So crazy!


So glad I get to see a little piece of him in them! Read more about my story in the link in BIO. #mystory #eyecolor #parents #mother #eyes

♬ original sound – Cocoscaravan


5. Best Friends

This audio was trending on Tik Tok and I knew I had to make a cute clip of the boys. I love their twin bond and the idea of having a best friend forever.

6. Toddler Stage vs. Newborn

This was such a funny video I had to jump on the trend.

7. Tired mamma


I’m here to tell all you mamas you’re doing a great job! ❤️ Parenting can be so hard! Potty training week…😭 #parentingishard #motherhood

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

8. Surprise Twins!


9. Twin Birth

This was another funny dance trend that I wanted to do. I can’t believe the boys actually participated and danced with me! So cute!

Read my full birth story HERE


I deserve a viral video after that painful birth 😂🤪 😉 birth story in BIO #twinbirth #twinpregnancy #twinmomlife video idea from @McKinli

♬ Я буду ебать – Moreart

10. Identical Twins

This is probably one of my favorite videos of the year. Love to see how identical they actually look when you put all their pictures side by side. For the first year I had a really hard telling them apart. Now its super easy for me and I can even tell them apart by their voices. They look so different to me now.


I’m finally able to tell them apart without second guessing myself. 🤪🤣Thanks for the video idea credit: @Liss McKenzie #twins #identicaltwins

♬ original sound – Cocoscaravan

Hope you had fun watching some of my best Tik Tok’s of the year. These were just some of my favorite and I wanted to share. Which video was your favorite?

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