Twins Baby Shower Gifts Under $20

Top five twin baby shower gifts under $20. It can be hard to know what to give a twin mom, so I did the work for you. These will be lifesaving gifts for any new twin mom.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to give a mother to be. It can be even harder if that mother to be is expecting twins. I know personally there were items I wanted to buy myself and items I wanted to put on my registry. I wanted to make a list specifically for items that would be good to bring to a twin mom baby shower.  If you are a mother to be of twins these would be great items to put on your registry.

1. Dr Brown Bottles

My mom and I did a lot of research on bottles and these were our favorite. The bottles have an even flow which helps with less spit up and gas. I would suggest buying the 4oz bottles to start them off.

2. Drying Rack

The more bottles you have the more washing you will do. This drying rack was a huge help and fit a lot of bottles and accessories. I breastfed my twins for a month and still used bottles. This will be needed for any twin mom whether they breastfeed or formula feed.

3. Bouncer Seat

I wish I had started to use these sooner. Once the helpers leave these bouncers will be a twin mom’s best friend. I used them all the time when I needed an extra hand or had to set one of the babies down. If you could even get one of these for a twin mom it could be a lifesaver.

4. Babywise

This was the number one book that helped me sleep train the boys. Sleep is a must with any new mom, but especially for a new mom of twins. This helped me get the boys on a schedule and have them sleeping through the night by four months old.

5. Angelcare Bath Support

I wish I had this tub from day one! This made it very easy to bathe them by myself. I would have one baby in the bathtub and another in a bouncer. I would have wanted two of them, but I discovered them too late.

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