The Best 7 Potty Training Essentials you Absolutely Need

I put together the ultimate potty training essentials list. Here is everything I used with my boys that helped make the experience easier and go smoothly.

The ultimate potty training essentials list

I love giving tips and listing products that have helped me out as a new mom. I also wrote a blog post listing my favorite training toilet seats I used with the boys. You can check that out HERE. Hope it helps!

Potty Training checklist

1.) Potty Training Toilets

I put together a whole blog post listing the best potty training seats I used during my songs potty training journey. You can find that blog post HERE.

2.) Training Underwear

When potty training my boys I had them go commando for the first week. After they started to get the hang of things I introduced training underwear to them. You want to make sure you use training underwear because it has extra padding for all those accidents that will most likely happen those first few weeks. I linked the ones I used with my boys below.

3.) Big and Loose clothes

I potty trained my boys by doing no underwear for the first week which meant lots of bear bums out. It can help to have a big t-shirt to cover everything. I ended up going to Walmart and Target to buy cheap t-shirts in a size up (4T).


After the boys go commando for a week I then have them wear underwear and later add the pants. It’s important to have loose pants in order for them to pull them down on their own and go potty. My boys basically wore basketball shorts for the first couple months of potty training. Links to these shorts below.

Green Shorts // Basketball Shorts

4.) Pee Pads

I used these pee pads during the potty training journey and they helped a ton. One thing I slowly starting to learn was boys can be messy. I liked putting these pads under the potty toliet for when some pee got out. It made for such an easy clean up.

I also used the pee pads in their beds to help with easy clean up. I put it in between the sheet and the mattress so if they leaked through the mattress would protected.

5.) Cleaning Supplies

You just have to accept there will be accidents those first couple of weeks of potty training. You will want to be prepared by having cleaning supplies around. I had to use this on the carpet and sadly on my couch a couple times. I loved having my Little Green carpet cleaner during this journey, it helped so much!

Carpet Cleaner

This was great to have for all those pee accidents on the carpet. I had to use this a couple of times.

Carpet Cleaner

This Littlegreen carpet cleaner will save you for those accidents on the couch or the carpet. I unfortunately had to use it a lot in their room and on the couch. As much as you try and proof the room by laying down towels and blankets accidents will happen. This will save you!

All Purpose Cleaner

Boys are so messy when they are potty training as they are learning to aim in the toilet. Having an all purpose cleaner to clean the little potty, the floor, or the sink area will help a ton.

Clorox wipes

You can never go wrong with clorox wipes. I use them to wipe down their little potty or the toliet seat. If they pee on bathroom floor I will quickly grab one to clean up the mess. They help with those accidents.

Clothing Detergent

Unfortunately you will be going a load of laundry a day at least. Those first couple of days expect a lot of accidents in clothes and on bedsheets. Just make sure you have laundry detergent before you start the potty training journey.

6.) Snacks/Drinks

I went to the store a couple days before I started potty training and made sure to stock up on the boys favorite snacks and drinks they don’t usually get to have. You want to have a lot of salty snacks so they will want to drink more fluids. The more they need to pee the more opportunities they have to learn. You want them to drink a lot those first couple of days. Link to snack spinner HERE

I found these fun drinks and thought the boys would have so much fun with them. They were excited to drink out of them which helped get more fluid. My boys don’t drink juice at home so they were excited to have fun drinks.

7.) Reward System

Potty Chart

One way you can do a reward system is use a sticker chart. They can put a sticker on each time they go and get a prize after they fill out the chart. I tried this with my boys, but it just didn’t motivate them enough. I’ve heard it works really well


I went to Walmart and bought $5 dollar toys that I knew the boys would be excited about. You could even go to the dollar store or the dollar section at Target. Some people suggest taking your kid to the store and have them pick out their own potty toys and you can do that as well.

I would put all the toys in a bin and place it up high on the counter. They called them their “poop toys” and were always so proud to carry them around. After a couple days I start recycling toys they already own. I put them in the basket and they didn’t even notice and were just as excited to win another poop toy.


I would give my boys an M&M or a Skittle when they went pee. This is what motivated them to go and worked really well with my boys. It always helped to give candy during the times they wouldn’t want to go. After a week they will forget to ask for it afterwards.

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The best potty training essentials list

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