The Twin’s Newborn Phootshoot

I had so many things I wanted to do the last couple months of my pregnancy. Normally thats crunch time to buy all the last minute items and prep your house for babies. I really wanted to find a photographer to take newborn photos of the twins. I knew it could be special and something I would love to look back on.

Sadly Justin was admitted into the hospital a couple months before my due date and all my focus was on him. I no longer had time to think about what babies needed. Picking out a photographer was the last thing on my mind and I just pushed everything aside.


A week before my due date a photographer reached out to me. She had been apart of a facebook group where someone had shared my story. She contacted me and offered to do a newborn photo session for free. I hadn’t even thought about it until she messaged me. I was beyond thrilled she could come.

It was almost impossible to leave the house after the babies were born. I was still struggling to walk and get in and out of the car. At the time we were living at my aunts house and the photographer offered to come there. It was such a relief to not have to go somewhere. My mom and sister were able to help position and carry babies for me. It really was such a tender mercy that she was able to come to us.

Justin wasn’t feeling so well that morning of the photo session. I had mentioned it would be nice if he could be in one picture, but I didn’t want to put pressure on him. It was hard for him to see his body change so much since he left the hospital. I think he was hesitant because of that and just getting the energy to walk upstairs.

I started taking pictures with the boys and I during that time Justin had decided to come up and take a pictures with us. He was able to find a shirt that fit him and walk upstairs. He could have easily said no to the photo and we would have understood. Instead he got dressed and came even though it was hard for him. He knew how much it meant to me and thats the type of person he was.

I will forever cherish this photo of our little family. The short time we had together was precious. I’ll forever be grateful to this sweet photographer who took time out of her life to come take these photos. Her one act of kindness will bring joy to me and my boys for the rest of our lives.

HERE is a link to her photography website

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