DIY Nerd Baby Photoshoot

Everyone loves a good nerd costume, but its even cuter on babies. This post will include everything you need to recreate this DIY nerd baby photoshoot!

DIY nerd baby photoshoot

For the first year of the boys life I did a themed photoshoot every month. You can see here some of those photoshoots I’ve done. I love fun creative projects and this nerd costume was one of my all time favorites.

Everything you need to recreate this nerd baby photoshoot


The first thing you will need to recreate this nerd baby photoshoot is the classic nerd outfit. The most important item to a nerd outfit are the suspenders. You can buy the ones I have in this picture here.

The next item you will need are button up collard shirts and khaki pants. Some places you can look to buy these are Amazon, Carters, H&M, and Old Navy.


Baby photoshoot props

The second thing you will need to recreate this nerd baby photoshoot are the props. I went to the dollar store for most of these props. The glasses are actually sunglasses with popped out lenses and tape around the middle.

I got the chalk board and the tiny notebooks from the dollar store as well. I thought it would be a fun to to write their names on the notebooks. I wrote it with my left hand so it looked more like a kid wrote their name on the book.

The last prop I used were my husbands textbooks from school. If you don’t have your own textbooks you can try looking at your local thrift store. I’ve seen a lot there before and they were very cheap.


DIY Nerd baby photoshoot

The third thing you will need to recreate this baby photoshoot is the backdrop. I used a white bed sheet to lay on the ground to give a clean white backdrop. Try your best to get the wrinkles out when you lay everything down.

A tip that helped me was to prep the backdrop with the props before you put your baby down. I laid all the props out and left an empty spot for the where the baby will lay down. I took some sample pictures with my camera to make sure it look good and everything fit in my frame.


DIY Nerd baby photoshoot

The last thing you will need to recreate this baby photoshoot is good lighting. I did this photoshoot before I purchased my lighting kit. I would recommend getting that, but if you can’t you can use stuff around the house.

I suggest taking the picture in a room with lots of windows. You want as much natural light as possible. We found lights from my uncles car shop and use those, but you can use what you have around the house.

You can learn more about lightings tips on my blog post Here.

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  1. Hey thank you so much for the tips! I also have twin boys and I know how difficult is to take pictures of twin babies where they both r moving continuously on their own pace!
    You did an incredible job in all of your photoshoots !!!!!

    I have read your blog and love everything you write.

    Also just now my light kit is arrived which I have bought from the Amazon link you have provided.
    V excited to take pictures….

    One question I have –

    1. Can you pls share some manual camera settings which you use to take baby pictures? Am a begginer in photography I have a nikon DSLR.
    ( I know u have a Canon but functions are same just the names are different)

    Babies move so much and most of my pics come out either blurry on hands and legs or not HD ..or less light..
    I think light problem will b solved now with the light kit.

    Looking forward for your response!

    Last thing, you are an amazing and strong woman! Keep inspiring. Everyone….

    1. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to help and that you got the lighting kit! How fun! Okay so when I shoot the twins I like to do shutter speed at 1/400. That way I didn’t get blurry images of them moving. I think I shot them in TV mode with that setting. I really need to learn more about photography settings because I don’t know a ton. Hope this helps! So excited for you! You will have to share your pic with me! Send me a DM on instagram!

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