Twin Baby Shower Gifts Under $50

I listed my top five baby shower gifts to give to a new twin mama. These gifts are all under $50!

Normally finding a baby shower gift is easy, but when you are looking to buy for a twin mom it changes things. As a twin mom there were some things I wanted to buy myself and somethings I wish I would have put on my wish list. All these products are under $50. You can see my other post here with baby shower gifts under $20.

First Baby Shower Gift: Bottle Warmer

The first baby shower gift is a bottle warmer. Whether the new mom is breastfeeding or formula feeding, she will want a bottle warmer. I would have pumped milk that my mom would warm up and feed one of the boys. It helps a lot to have this especially when it’s 2:00am and you’re half asleep.

Second Baby Shower Gift: Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

Twin Baby Shower Gift ideas

The second baby shower gift is Merlin’s magic sleep suit. This suit is really magical and if you could buy two of these for a twin mom  you will change her life! I’ve had friends get these suits and say their baby slept through night right away.

I wrote more about these sleep suits and included more of my favorite sleeping tools on my blog post HERE.

Third Baby Shower Gift: Diapers and Wipes

Twin baby shower gift ideas

The third baby shower gift is diaper and wipes. You can never have enough diapers and wipes with twins. I know it probably seems like a lame gift, but it helps so much! It was nice not having to worry about replenishing supplies the first month being home. I like Pampers for newborns and then Luvs or Huggies after the first couple months.

Fourth Baby Shower Gift: Gerber Soothe Probiotic Drops

The fourth baby shower gift is Gerber soothe probiotic drops. I got these drops from my cousin at my baby shower. I put the drops in their bottle once a day and I really feel like it helped. It helps with colic and crying babies. After I stopped breastfeeding I was glad to have these.

Fifth Baby Shower Gift: Ugg Bixbee Booties

Baby Shower Gifts

The fifth baby shower gift is Ugg Bixbee booties. These booties are amazing and actually stayed on the boys feet. I kept putting socks on them during the day to keep their feet warm, but they would always slip off. I love these booties because they have velcro so its more secure. I would suggest getting a size ⅔. This is a great alternative to baby socks!

I would love to hear more great suggestions of twin baby shower gifts in the comments below!

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